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Turtle Pack

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Hi I’m Michael; I’m a swim instructor and I run one of the most successful swim schools in Scotland. In 8 years of teaching I’ve used a variety of floatation devices to help children learn to swim, and to enjoy it. But none seemed to work well, and yet swimming pools across the country are using these ineffective and boring products: Noodles and Floats have to be physically held & lack creativity. Arm bands are bulky and restrict arm movement. The back float is uncomfortable to wear and difficult to use. And Swim Fins straps erode within a year and don’t support younger children. Introducing Turtle Pack! A flotation device designed to teach children how to swim effectively. Turtle Pack is an EVA turtle shell which is split into three segments. The strap system is made of neoprene so it’s long lasting and is easily adjustable to fit children aged 3-6. Turtle Pack is a progressional swimming stabiliser. As the child’s confidence and coordination improves in the water the buoyancy can be easily reduced by removing segments of the shell. The child’s arms are free so they can swim with no restrictions and provides the correct horizontal body position. The progressional aspect challenges the swimmer to work harder. And most importantly with its creative design it’s fun to use. Children will always need to learn to swim and Turtle Pack is physically and mentally engaging and so will inspire them to learn to swim… and continue to swim for years to come. Over 3/4 million kids are learning in the UK alone. This is our primary market and has a TAM value of £23M. As the business grows we will expand into the US, Australia and more. Our nearest competitor Swim Fin sold in 47 countries in year 1 generating a turnover of 1 million pounds. We’ve won numerous awards including the Sports Innovation Challenge & Young Scottish Edge.Our final design is ready and we need £100,000 to begin manufacturing. Turtle Pack bringing children out of their shell.
1 Clove Drive
Murieston, Livingston
EH54 9HD