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Thu, 2014-01-09 07:15

Commenting on suggestions that the Scottish Government should reduce its rebates to businesses through the rates regime, Liz Cameron, Chief Executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

"Business Rates are one of the major expenses for many businesses across the country and any measures to mitigate their impact are both welcome and important to our economy.  That is why we have consistently supported the Scottish Government's Small Business Bonus Scheme since its creation in 2008 and why we support the mitigation of this year's annual rates increase at 2%, announced by the Chancellor and matched by the Scottish Government.

"Scotland's economy is turning a corner and we look forward to increased levels of growth in 2014 but many businesses are still in a fragile position and the recovery so far has been heavily reliant on the upturn in consumer confidence and spending.  If we are to cement this growth, then businesses must have the confidence and resources to invest for the future and that is why we need the lowest levels of business taxation possible, including fixed costs such as business rates.

"We would hope that politicians of all parties would recognise this fact and collectively support policies aimed at lowering business costs and allowing firms to create the jobs and wealth that Scotland needs."