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Chamber of Commerce Launches Referendum Survey

Tue, 2013-06-04 09:36

West Lothian Chamber of Commerce  today, 4th June 2013, launched a survey to its membership to identify what information the business community is looking for in the lead up to the referendum on Scottish independence – and where they are looking to find it.  Working in partnership with economist Professor David Bell, the survey aims to establish a comprehensive picture of information needs across the Scottish business community.

West Lothian Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Linda Scott  said:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with one of Scotland’s most eminent economists to conduct this study into what the business community in Scotland needs to know in the lead up to the referendum next year.

“The survey results will be published and presented to the media and political campaigners to make sure they are fully aware of the issues on which the business community is seeking their engagement.  In addition, we at the Chamber will also use the survey to shape our work in the lead up to the referendum, ensuring that activity is responding to our members’ needs.

“It is vital that the Scottish constitutional debate recognises the reality of the economic context; this debate is not taking place in a vacuum.  Businesses need facts, and they need engagement from the media and from politicians who must recognise the importance of addressing business concerns so that they can make a judgement about which course is best for business growth.”