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Derrick Findlay 1st Choice Living.

Chat with a Chamber Member

Mon, 2013-04-29 16:34

Chat with local entrepreneur Derrick Findlay of 1st Choice Living.

How long have you been in business?
Since September 2008 

How do you think friends/colleague use to describe you? 
Determined, Motivated and Head Strong 

Have you had any amusing moments in business? 
In Edinburgh doing a sales call, for a potential customer living in a row of terraced houses I had to pop out to the car to get a demonstration window. On my way back I walked into the wrong house and got a bit of a strange look from the owner and verysheepishly left. 

What are the advantages of being in West Lothian?
There is a good range of amenities in the area along with a range or good core groups to support business

How does your business support the local community?
Personally I give talks to students at Deans Community High and Armadale Academy also the business is involved in the “Plant a Seed Cultivate the Idea, Reap the Rewards” programme with Boghall Primary it aims to introduce children to the ideas and skills needed to run a business Recently we have offered our services to rebuild the reptile house at Five Sister’s Zoo after it had been devastated by fire.

What’s the best thing about being in business for you?
It’s seeing something that started as an idea and through putting in hard work and long hours watching it grow in to a strong and thriving business

And the worst?
Never being able to switch off, sometimes I feel like the swan in the water calm on the surface but peddling like crazy underneath to keep moving.

What do you do to encourage your staff to work enthusiastically?
I feel it is important to treat them how I would except to be treated.

How do you promote your business?
​We promote in a range of ways, online with our website, twitter and facebook but we also advertise extensively in the local area with billboards field ads and after a fitting we put signs in the gardens, we also use recommendation vouchers.