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Martha & David Tod, Full Circle Graphics

Chat with Chamber a Member Full Circle Graphics

Wed, 2013-10-09 12:00

Chat with Chamber Member Martha & David Tod of Full Circle Graphics 

How long have you been in business?
Full Circle Graphics are now in their 11th Year of business.

What five words would friends/colleague use to describe you?
Reliable, Friendly, Approachable, Good Company & Well Connected.

How do you think West Lothian compares to other parts of Scotland?
There are some fantastic 'growing' businesses in and around West Lothian that are beginning to create a superb network.  This is not only a great potential client base, but also an area that provides the services required to help us build our business.

What are the advantages of West Lothian?
Our business is growing continually and although based in West Lothian, our customers cover the UK.  Being in Livingston benefits us tremendously due to the location to the Airport, M8 and Train Stations.

How does your business support the local community?
We work with Radio Grapevine providing services to support them in their marketing.  We have also taken on work experience placements of Students and Graduates - one of whom became a member of our design team for a period.  We also support the Business Gateway in presentations that they request for new and growing businesses.

What’s the best thing about being in business for you?
In a word - Control !!!!
We have had the pleasure of working with so many fantastic businesses and as the owner the initial learning curve was huge - you'd find it very difficult to gain that kind of experience any other way.  Everything that we have achieved as a business is due to what we have done ourselves - there is a great pride in that.

And the worst?
Finding the time to work on your own business is always difficult as we are always working on someone else's!!!  

How do you promote your business?
All of our work, clients and business has come through 'Word of Mouth' and 'Referral' - without doubt, the best way for us to get business.
We are also now integrating more with the Chamber and beginning to reach people that we would not have been able to prior to this.