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Chat with Chamber Member - Sibbald Limited

Thu, 2014-01-16 13:52

Sibbald Limited are one on the Chambers most long standing members and  we ask the Sales & Marketing Manager, Andrew Morrell what in his opinion makes Sibbald an award winning company and their outlook for the future.

Who is Sibbald training?
For over forty years Sibbald has served its customers worldwide for the provision of construction and plant training.  However it is the local marketplace and community where Sibbald has excelled. Sibbald have and continue to successfully provide first class health and safety training to local and national businesses including our youth whether they are employed, unemployed or still while they attend our local schools. More recently we have identified a further new market to support, young adults whether they are employed or unemployed.    

If you were to describe Sibbald culture in five words what would they be?
Personable, Experts, Quality, A+ Attitude, Variety     

As a long established business how have you changed the way you interact with clients?
“People work with us because they choose to, not because they have to. We can always find others doing the same thing or selling the same product, it’s the personal connection that makes the difference”.  

This epitomises what Sibbald is all about and we are proud of the fact that we can say that we have customers from our inception. We have recently  enhanced this by introducing internal account management plans for sales team which only emphasises our desire to connect on a personal level with our customers. To attract new customers and to move with the times Sibbald are looking at a blended approach whereby we will introduce to our portfolio, e-learning options and other practical training for different health and safety courses.         

What do you feel are the benefits of being based in West Lothian?
West Lothian was chosen with careful consideration with support from local councillors and planners, as they like us saw the huge potential we could and do offer their local community. This proved to be strategically, a brilliant move for Sibbald as it meant we could still service our well-established customers locally. Our West Lothian base in the heart of the central belt also means we service customers with relative ease from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ayrshire, the Borders, Falkirk and Stirling to name but a few. 

How does your business support the local community?
Despite the recession and it influencing our biggest market sector construction, Sibbald continues to invest heavily within our facility here in West Lothian including recruiting four new members to the team last year. Sibbald has always had a proud history dedicated to working with the youth of West Lothian as well as helping inexperienced people get training or work in construction and manual working industries. 

We have developed further our West Lothian schools Skills for Work Programmes where students attend Sibbald, completing a school day-release training programme over a 12 week period to gain additional skills. In West Lothian we deliver the new Employability Fund Programmes, which delivers training and employment opportunities for unemployed or employed adults locally, with great results.      
In 2013 we started a new Management Finance Programme with West Lothian Council for their new Placement Programme which has seen steady growth and support locally. We have a great affiliation with the West Lothian Chamber sponsoring the best women in business at their annual awards ceremony.     

What does it mean to be the winner of the Best Business Award 2013?
Sibbald are proud to have been recognised as a best business in West Lothian as there are plenty of others deserving of this prestigious accolade locally. Wining such an award is obviously great when trying to attract new business or reinforcing our credentials to our customers but without question it also gives recognition back to our very own staff for a job well done and to the motivation to continue in this vain. 

What do you think makes Sibbald an award winning business?
As mentioned above without question our people, the team here at Sibbald Training. We will continue to invest in our people for their own personal development. Additionally this year Sibbald have invested in a fully Integrated Management System which will improve our processes and opportunity to bid for new opportunities and purchased a new Customer Relationship Management system for ease of use including the most up to date health and safety software. Management have also reaffirmed its commitment to communication with our staff so that they are better informed and heard.       

What do you hope 2014 will bring?
I would like 2014 to be filled with love, laughter, compromise, and trust. I want to work hard and be with the people who constantly inspire me to be the best I can be in every way and hopefully I can inspire right back. I hope to have the space to grow and learn, and to make those mistakes that are needed to achieve both. 

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