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Chat With Chamber Member - Greig Melville HR

Mon, 2015-06-29 13:38

We hear from Alison Melville Managing Director at Greig Melville HR

What would be a typical day of business for you? 

I don’t have one!  That’s what is so exciting about doing what I do; a phone call can change my whole day in a matter of minutes, but I do try to get up early and spend some time first thing at my desk – perhaps checking a new Employee Handbook that Celine has prepared, or drafting a disciplinary hearing letter for a client or arranging a recruitment interview schedule – oh and remembering to complete my timesheets for each client too – very important when it comes to that end of the month task – invoicing!!


What five words would friends/colleague use to describe you? 

Fair; hardworking; generous; supportive and creative.


Have you had any amusing moments in business?

Lots – from doing a presentation to a boardroom full of businessmen blissfully unaware that the rear part of my skirt was tucked into my underwear, to listening patiently (trying to keep a straight face) to an employee putting forward his ‘weak bladder’ as ‘mitigating circumstances’ when he was caught using a corner of the building site on which he was working instead of the gents’ loos – in reality he was just too lazy!.


How do you think West Lothian compares to other parts of Scotland? 

The locals are down-to-earth, straight-talking – my kind of people!


What are the advantages of West Lothian? 

I think that the Chamber is welcoming and inclusive and even although I live and work out of Falkirk, I don’t feel like an outsider, so mixing with the West Lothian business community has been great and I have several clients in the area too!

How does your business support the local community? 

I have been selected by the local Employment Training Unit to write a guide for local employers recruiting for the first time focusing particularly on young people aged between 16 and 24.  I have also recently engaged my first employee via the Training Unit.

I’d love to get involved in the West Lothian initiative providing work experience and interview training for local young people.


What’s the best thing about being in business for you? 

Being my own boss and being able to sneak in a wee visit to Livingston Designer Outlet now and again during the working day! 


And the worst? 

Doing my invoices at the end of the month – it’s a chore I absolutely dread!

What do you do to encourage your staff to work enthusiastically? 

I only have one member of staff at the moment but I try to make sure that variety is the spice of life for her, so we might be in the office doing paperwork one day, and the following day we are on a client visit to Perth, for example, when she has the opportunity to get involved in some interviewing.


How do you promote your business? 

I have recently had some fantastic social media training from Creation Social Media and I try and post on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook regularly.  We’ve also just completed our very first corporate video which has attracted a lot of interest, hopefully for the right reasons!