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Chat with Chamber President

Tue, 2015-09-01 15:18

We are delighted to welcome Billy Macleod as our new president.

Why did you join the board of West Lothian Chamber?

I enjoy working with people in business and even more so when there is high sense of purpose and high energy. The WLCC has both of these. A truly pivotal role in the local economy, great people work and live in the area and some of these are involved with the chamber. When I was invited to join the board I was unsure as to what contribution I could make and I am not sure I was supposed to enjoy it, but I did!!  

What do you think makes West Lothian Chamber different?

It doesn’t just check the box!!

Linda and the team are truly in touch with the members and businesses and constantly looking for fresh ways to help. That keeps it relevant, and it also makes it very interesting! WLCC is challenging the way a chamber delivers and it is seen across Scotland as a very progressive group of people. 

What would like to see for West Lothian chamber in the future and why?

This is simple! Let’s get more people involved in the chamber. We can only do this by being RELEVANT. Continued Creation of clear value for all businesses, regardless of size and sector will be the key. 
We also need to embrace the digital world and make it easier to engage. Finance aside it is simply expected in today’s business world that Businesses should choose which channel / method to communicate. 

Have you had any amusing moments in business?

Oh absolutely!

Like the business plan that was presented for funding that wanted to bottle fresh Scottish Air!

I also ended up doing a charity Karate class for a local group which started off with a conversation along the lines of……Would you like to do a great thing for the local community?.......A full training session where the Banker wasn’t the most gifted or fittest!! Never Again!

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

A great mentor of mine used a simple decision making tool.

“Always view the grey situations from a variety of perspectives.”

 Helps with decisions and deepens the thinking of how to tackle the issue. I have a tendency to run on intuition. You still need it but the discipline of pulling on the brakes and reflecting has served me well.

 What is your favourite city outside the UK and why?

Rio de Jeneiro!

The beaches!, the colours!, the flavours! It’s a place of diversity! 

It has the Maracanã Stadium, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, all of which are a stone’s throw away from each other.

As for the Christ the Redeemer! How did they do that!! Simply the most awesome place I have visited!

Next year Rio is hosting the Olympics! It will be a brilliant event and one big carnival!

If you could invite any 2 guests to dinner who would they be and why? 

Richard Branson for the business discussion on challenging the status quo….and being successful


Boogie from Radio Forth, He just cracks me up in the morning ! The funniest lad on Radio! 
That would make it educational, interesting and definitely fun!!