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The Chamber is dedicated to building a thriving business community. Where you can seek advice, share knowledge and inspire new ideas. 

Engage, Inspire, Empower.

Our Mission: Welcome


To be the go to place for businesses new and established. To be relevant, have an identity of our own and to use these to give back to our membership.

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Setting the bar for Chambers.

There has never been a greater need for an independent, pro business organisation to be a forum for shared experience, knowledge and learning. This isn’t about networking, its about creating a safe space to talk about our successes and crucially our failures. To share, learn and progress together.

We provide inspiring content, a platform for shared knowledge and experience and a community for business.


Leading by example.

We can’t borrow credibility from our clients or hope that you’ll be grateful for long past introductions.

We’ll use our position of influence to be a leading light in business. Taking up the space that competition doesn’t allow. We will champion the causes that matter and incentive our members to come on that journey with us.


A membership you're proud of.

We will give back more than we take in time and money. 

Our value is something we own, that we are proud of and that you as our members recognise. Ours will be a catalogue of knowledge, experience and a community hub, we will demonstrate our value up front and make you proud of your contribution to supporting us.

Our Mission: Services


Our members are some of the most diverse, dynamic and ingenious businesses around.  

Working with our strategic partners The Chamber will promote, champion and reward achievements that engage, inspire and empower us all to do more.

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Fostering ingenuity.

Using our unique position between businesses we create a stage for startup's and experienced businesses to come together to talk about failure, learning and success.

Bringing together our Future Leaders Forum and our Envoy's we bring the best entrepreneurs and experience to the fore.


Doing our part.

We're already carbon neutral. But we're working with our strategic partners to do more.

That means being the most informed, sharing that knowledge and rewarding others for making their contribution. 

Our team put the environment at the top of their priorities.


Positive community impact.

The Chamber believe in business for the social good. Working with our partners and members to invest in education, training and developing the young work force of the future.

Our community engages with local charities and non profit's to enhance the lives or our wider community. All to support causes that make the greatest difference to the lives of those around us.

Our Mission: Services


What we've done so far


Not only are our future activities carbon neutral but we're contributing to removing our historic green house gas emissions from the environment.


We bring together entrepreneurial young people to challenge and lead us in our young leaders forum, with two people nominated annually to our board.


Our envoy's are experienced local leaders who work with our young leaders and board to keep The Chamber diverse and relevant to the needs of business today.


Each year a share of our profits will be returned to our startup and scale up community as grants.

Nominations are made from our Future Leaders Forum.

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